Sample Poetry

Published by Kim Pathways,


A) Sample Poems by Cora E. Cypser

A Political Agenda

The Ethics of War

 Moses believed in destruction of the enemy
in killing men, women, children, and cattle
if they opposed you
or occupied a land you coveted
or threatened your personal power.
Yes, Moses was a great leader
a great legend
a great myth.

Jesus believed in forgiveness
when someone hurt you.
He invited the children
to the safety of his presence.
Jesus encouraged loving community.
He did not recommend security fences
or use weapons
to destroy leaders or populations.
He was consolation for the people.
He was wisdom and truth.
He was a great legend
and an even greater reality.

We pick the leaders
that we like to follow.
Often, political leaders
find it easier to kill
than to forgive.


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Our lives touch for a moment
with this poetry!
for a bit of spinning earth
my spirit reaches out
and lays a claim on yours
with a layer of inky print
upon a page.

What can words do
frail, structured letters
marching in a line
drawn from an eager soul?

I wish
that in each poem
I have written
there were words
that could give peace
and healthiness
and understanding
as some with skill
sketch out a flower
or craft a scene.

Would that I
could write love.

I wish
that as our spirits touch
you would receive
great gifts
that only God can give
that make the human
a true child of God.


Ode to Time

You are strong.
I have felt your knotted arm
even when I thought
you were only a small boy
flexing his muscles.
Now I roll with the punches.

You are lovely.
Every time you turn
gracefully by me
you reveal some new beauty
so that I forget
you take as well as give.

You are my friend
holder of my mortgage on life
who has loaned me days
that may be transformed to service
which in turn may be traded for love.

Should I fear you
as I feel your loving fingers
running through my hag-gray hair?

No Place To Hide

Time was when I could hide
my heart from prying eyes.
I could run home
to the warm clover on the hill
to cry my heart out
to be comforted
by the sun and the wind
and the sweet grasses.

Where can I run today?
Back to the old dreams?
They are all bruised
and broken and buried.
Back to the protecting arms
when I know now
how much they needed protection?
Back to the spring on the hillside?
They have ploughed the whole hill
and backed the spring into a swamp.

Must I stand here before you and weep
with no place to hide my humanity?


The memories pound and roll
on the edge of my mind
like the whipping and whispering waves
wash up on the shell strewn shore of the sea.
They lie in the sun
on the sandy shore of my mind
and God bakes them
and basks them
and lets them return
back to me.

On Harps

I would be like a poplar tree
strong and straight and supple
and pour out my music
as the winds of life sweep through me.

A Piece of God's Handiwork

God is above us and beyond us
yet somehow God is in us!

Imagine that! The power
and the glory and the splendor
somehow in us!

We are a vital part of all
that makes the world run.
We have a secret thing deep in
that lets us contact God
a spot God formed in us
to keep an open line with love.
That means the little soul in me
so tiny, precious, delicate
can tune in to the knowledge
of all that's great in God.

God didn't make this wonder-part
to thrive and then decay.
It's meant to know God's love-
to ponder and perceive
and to somehow fit intricately
into God's being.


The Hummingbird

God knows our every thought!
(What, do you doubt it?)
Not only knows it, but attends on it!
I do not know how God can be with me
and be with you
and be with everyone of humankind
so personally.
I do not know how this may be.
I only know it's so.

I have a pink Wegelia bush.
Oh, it's a beauty.
It's arms are flung wide open
with its heavy blooms.
It gathers the bees to its flowery bosom
like a welcoming mother.

I admired it Tuesday in the sun
and thought a little thought
a little quiet thought
so small that almost
I forgot I thought it.

I thought," Oh, God, these bumble bees are nice
but if you really wished to please me
you'd send a hummingbird."

I thought it and forgot it.
There are no hummingbirds around.
The cats have frightened all the birds away
except some wary, hardy little sparrows.

Thursday again I sat near my Wegelia
and then the hummingbird!
The blueness, quickness, smallness of him!

I thought, "Oh, God, you really know
what pleases me!"
Then I remembered my poor quiet thought
my Tuesday tiny half-forgotten thought.
God really knows our every thought.
You had better believe it.
I'm half afraid to think now.


My Rockettes

See my Rockettes.
They are that line of poplar trees
and all of them move together
so gracefully
at the touch of the wind
that you don't notice one particular tree
but it's the whole mass of trees
dancing together
that sets your heart dancing-
fifty trees moving together-
it's a sight to set your heart dancing.


Prisons As Institutions of Healing

As a society, we mete out
punishment with zeal-
We fingerpoint with zest
but we don't know how to heal.

For diseases of the flesh
we train skillful hands
send them to many lands
to bind up wounds.

Hospitals would be incongruous
if what they did
was dole out deeper hurts.

The broken, wounded, warped
vicious, addicted
end up in prisons
needing plenteous mercy
mercy like to God's.

Why can't we make
our prisons into schools
and teach love there?

Let prison's purpose be to heal
rather than to punish.


We fasten our anger at ourself
on another human being.
When we are no longer
angry at ourself
at our weakness
at our human condition
then there is no need
to have anger at another.
If we forgive as God forgives
then we will forgive the action
that repells us
the moment that it happens.

Our Holy Place

Mystery has done great things for us-
clothed us in gold
set us amidst a rainbow
breathed on us firey breath.
Surely, Mystery expects great things of us.

Mystery has set the earth within the heavens-
poured justice there
inundated earth with wisdom
loved the creation with a mother's love.
Surely, the earth will always be a holy place.

For The Imprisoned

The Good News is forgiveness.
The Good News is
that with God's help
we can forgive others
the wrongs they do us.

The Good News is
we can forgive ourselves
because the Christ
takes on our human flesh
to ratify the covenant
of mercy.

Little Streams

Only because there are little streams
do big rivers flow.
Only because small folk dream dreams
do ideas grow.


The Cripple

"Stretch forth your hand," he said.
I stretched it forth.
I wrenched it from its crooked grip
against my side
feeling it creaking from disuse
seeing its spastic twitches
from the corner of my eye
as I watched his face.

"Surely he'll wince to see this mangled limb,"
I thought. But, no
there was no horror in his glance
like other folk cast constantly my way.

"Now use that arm to aid your fellow man,"
he gave command.
I hardly heard him for the joy
that surged all through me
like crashing cymbals.

The Dream of The Messiah

When I dreamt alone
it was only a dream.

When I brought you into my dream
it became reality.

Now all these people
are dreaming my dream with me
so it becomes truth.


The three small monkeys sit upon the ledge.
Wee See-No-Evil does not see bombs fall
but does he fell himself slide near the edge
as the ground sends up vibrations that shake all?
Imp Hear-No-Evil does not hear the sighing
of the mothers and the young in pain and fears.
Even grown men across the world are crying.
Soon he'll be floating on a flood of tears.
Wise Speak-No-Evil has no word to say
but one can tell for what high thoughts he stands
like- "We here who can never go astray
defend the good and noble in all lands."
How well and thoroughly each deceives himself!
How long before they tumble from the shelf?



God-singing Genes

I have God-singing genes
and I must cry out
or they will shrivel up
and I will not be me
but something less
and sadder.

I have God-singing genes
and I must shout out
that I know about God. I am cognizant of the Spirit
hovering over the water
eons back.

I have God-singing genes
from some disruptive ancestor
who was blessed
with a shower of Spirit
that sent a voltage through his make-up
which changed all his descendants
from henceforth
to God-singers.

Use Your Gift to Heal

We have energy in our hands
and we can place our hands
on sore spots that we see in others.

I have this gift.
You have this gift
but we are shy
and do not want
to force ourselves on others.

We think that we may fail
that we may pray
for peace and healing
and they will not come.
Then how embarrassed we will be!

Better that we would be fools
and take the chance to bless!


The word of God to a patriarchal society
is bound to reflect that society.

A society where the majority of leaders are men
is liable to be more willing to draw swords
than to sheathe them.

Men are more comfortable working with men
and will appoint and ordain other men
to assist in trade and governance.

Women are called by the inner voice
rather than by some proclamation
to help the needy and the children.

Those ordained by the voice within
are called for special service
not for privilege and title.

Those ordained by men
reflect the hands that send them.

The Controllers

Ancient Chinese bound the feet of the young girls
because it made women easier to control.
The ladies were hampered
from running the four minute mile
or pursuing foxes.
They could not run from rapists.

Romans bound slaves with chains
and stood over the enchained with whips
to encourage them to row boats
or break rocks
or till fields.

Today, a male dominated society
continues to bind women and blacks
with constrictions.
They are hampered with low pay and menial jobs.
There are regulations and restrictions
on their conduct before they are given necessities
with which to feed their children.

Bureaucrats, popes, prelates, and presidents
supposing they have superior wisdom
lean over God's ordinary people
doling out mental lashes
complaining of sin and addiction
as they plan for their own retirement benefits.

Ambiguities Pertaining to Abortion

The Renewal Song of The Spheres

When does meaningful life
begin in the womb?
Just the act of love
anticipates a new life
something wonderful
a chord of music.

This stimulus is part of the gift
the start of song
a new beginning
with possibilities
of further praise
for the Creator.

Trusting God's Wisdom

God has allowed numerous miscarriages
and spontaneous abortions
but we do not charge God
with sinfulness or malpractice.

We assume that God's wisdom is cognizant
of who will make a good mother
and who will make a good father
that there are times
when a woman cannot handle motherhood
or her body cannot handle pregnancy.
There are times when the male of the species
has not matured to be responsible.

To Be Like God

God gives to each of us
a measure of control.
God gives us freedom to grow
to make mistakes
to choose to do good
or to do evil.

In our growing
we must strive to imitate God.

To be like God
we should give each other freedom.
We should respect one another
the homosexual, the elderly
those of other races and creeds
the person in the womb.

The Need for Men

If there were no men
there would be no need for abortion.
Every abortion is fathered by a man.
It is unkind to blame the women for abortions.
If the woman were given true freedom
would she get herself pregnant
and then abort the child?

If there were no men
we would not have a future.
This world needs both men and women.
It has been shaped by both men and women
by men who valued life above a thrill
by women who respected both the men
and their own selves and also life within.

Holy Creations

The United States Supreme Court
agreed to hear a protest
against the Missouri 1986 legislation
that declared life begins at conception.
This Missouri law emphasized respect for life.
The protest questions the moment of creation.
In order to emphasize responsibility to all life
it would be well to think deeply
about the two components that form the infant life.

Early Jewish teachings taught respect for semen.
One of the male human's responsibilities
was to guard this privilege to produce the life
that formed in the female body.

We must respect both the semen and the egg
and act responsibly where they are involved.
Both the semen and the egg are holy quantities;
they are God's means to increase humanity
and thus to accomplish God's good purposes
for the earth and the universe.


Some lawyers might advise
that illegal immigrants
haven't lawfully entered the country
that they have no legal rights here
and can be mistreated or deported.

When thinking about unborn babies
some people might be inclined to say
that they haven't entered the country yet
so they have no rights
and can be removed or aborted.

Those who propose these exclusions
are not accepting reality.
We cannot kill illegal immigrants
just because they are not legal residents.
For similar and ethical reasons
we also should not kill unborn babies.

A Legal Inconsistency

The Women, Infants, and Children Supplement
given to pregnant women in prison
is directed to the babies in the womb as cost effective
and also shows concern for the health of the mother.

This legislation implies
that there is a citizen human being in the womb
whose health is being legally considered.

It is incongruous to allow the killing
of a human being with one law
and look after its health with another law.

A Further Inconsistency

There is something frighteningly self-righteous
about those who march against abortion clinics
and are content to let the full grown fetus
rot in a jail cell.

As A Tool
in The Abortion Dilemma

When the man and the woman
performed the sex act
as responsible and consenting human beings
they were both agreeing to accept the outcome
(which is not just a pleasurable sensation)
but may entail
further commitment, future similar acts
even the distressing possibility
of acquiring venereal disease
or the miracle of producing a new human being
with the accompanying need to care for
such a precious presentation.

What should we do as a responsible people
when a conception is unwanted?

All unwanted pregnancies should be mediated.
All concerned should be present.
There should even be someone
speaking for the unborn
stating whether she chooses to be born
of such parents.

Rachel Weeping

She weeps for children slain before their birth
for children pulled out from their mothers' wombs
with clinic trash cans as their only tombs.
For shame, society! Cry out, oh earth!

For lives denied the name of human, she groans
weeps for the most innocent, killed by the ones
who would protect them if they breathed a breath.
What thoughtlessness has urged these laws of death?

Those blinded cannot see when life is fact.
They sense no sacredness to the creative act
no wonder at our genes and chromosomes.

As politicians deny life, sad Rachel moans
as doctors ply their knives, but not to heal
as truth waits for such calloused hearts to feel.

The Broad View

It is a great gift to us
that we can broaden ourselves
by consulting with others.

A broad viewpoint is difficult to maintain.

We must try to look at everything
including such guarded topics
as our sexual urge
from a broad viewpoint.

This urge is given to us
so that the whole human race
might come to fruition.

This purpose further emphasizes
the need for a responsible sex act.
People must not over populate
and hence cause world starvation.

We must view each sexual act
against the backdrop
of the fulfillment of the human race.



The Living Plant

We came here through mud
and mud is good.
We grew, squishing our toes in it
aspiring up from one moist morsel to the next
sinking our tenacles of roots down deep
in mud
and it felt right to us.

We came here through mud
and somehow mud is clean.
It makes the grass grow green.
Yes, mud is good for life.
We do not grow without it.

There was no way but mud.
We penetrated murk
and dead men's bones
and nightmare worms
that nibbled our sweet flesh
up, up, past horrors lurking in the mud
up, up to taste the sun.

How we have grown in mud!
The time has come to flower.When you see golden blooms
against the applauding sky
remember that we came
from mud.

Problem of Evil

But why is evil?
Cannot God make a world all good?
If man is to come to God
and freely be his friend
and know God's good
he must be given the choice
of good or evil.

Does God create this evil?
Do fig trees put forth grapes?
Evil is the shadow to God's sun.
Put a creation in the sunlight
and it makes a shadow.



Think on These things

The Desert Will Bloom

 The prophet Isaiah dreamed of a time
when wastelands would be gardens.
Water would permeate the wilderness.
Flowers would send perfume on desert air.
Creatures of the earth
would find comfort in greenness.

Let's envision with the prophet;-
his wasteland was the land of Israel.
Our prisons are our wastelands!
Let's turn those deserts into gardens
by crumbling the dry earth of cold custom
by pouring living water on the rootlets.

What means can we employ
to heal our addicts and offenders?
How can we calm the violent and oppressed
returning them as noble citizens
to their own place and people?
How can we keep the children with their parents?

Love and concern turn wastelands into gardens.
Love can remove intolerance and fear
from both those kept and from their keepers.
Concern for other's rights is shown
by giving health care, work, and education.
Then myrtle trees will grow instead of thorns.

The Option of Respecting Others

It is as wrong for us to imprison people
as it is wrong to enslave people.

It is as evil to manufacture or use armaments
with the purpose of killing people
as it is to enslave people
or to imprison people.

In order to help people to live optimum lives
we must encourage creative options.
These will not include
or the manufacture of weapons of war.


Keeping Eternity in Mind

The Reason God Made The World

 God made the world
 because God knew
 that we would work it out
 that Christ would evolve
 who would be able
 to make all things OK.

If God foreknew
 that we would all be damned
 God would have dropped the project.

God was delighted to foresee
 that men and women
 like Jesus and the saints
 would be able to reflect
 God's love sufficiently
 to encourage others
 to do likewise.

Thus God created us
 that we might spill joy and love
 across this wonderful creation.

The Creator rejoices in us.
 Let's rejoice in our Creator!


Human Rights and Religious Dogma

Religion is not to slay man but to save him.-Panikkar

Some religions bind man
and don't let him use his intellect.
Some religions bind women, body and soul.
Thus I conclude that one purpose of religion is
that theologians and prelates want their religions to look good
so they try to emphasize
that their religions serve human rights
but if you examine closely
they are not really for human rights.

Religions are man-made structures that limit God.
For instance
God has nothing against women priests
but authoritative priests proclaim against women.
Our liturgies and beliefs are filtered
through human imperfections.
God's ways are not man's ways.

How could we form a liberating religion
that opens us to greater possibilities of love?


Pieces of Yesterday


 What bird will sing
dragging a broken wing?


 Eve is a keeper of things.
Eve keeps broken toy cars, headless dolls
chipped china, un-stuffed animals.

            Because their spirits cry out to her­
"Please don't reject me!"
"Overlook my imperfections!"
"Save me from nothingness!"
Eve is a folder of laundry
giving tender care to shrunken T-shirts
 frowsy pajamas, permanent press blouses.
To keep her sanity
 to keep a place for everything
 and everything in its place.

Eve is a sorter of socks
matching this sock with that.
Socks must pair up like souls
like husbands and wives
like friends on journeys.
Two by two, we enter Paradise together.

Socks, shirts, un-stuffed animals
the Creator must smile on Eve
 for taking such care of this creation.


God's Dwelling Place

The whole world is God's church
holy place
the holiest of holies
and we must
worship Being
every day in every way
with holy hands and helping hearts.

Whichever sex we are
a man, a woman
the holy God supports
our living and our breathing.

Each breath we draw in
that is holy breath.
Each hand we take
within our hand
each hand is holy.

The whole world is God's church.
We cannot thrust
this holiness of Being
from us.


Journey of Belief_

Put A way Your Fear!

 We are slaves to our fears!
We are slaves to our weapons!

We use weapons when we are afraid
A weapon shows how cowardly we are.
Guns are the opposite of friendliness.
Fear is the opposite of freedom.

When a world of people think fearful thoughts
the earth shakes with negativity.

Think of the positive vibrations of a world
where everyone is praying
for the good of each other.

       Fear is the great destroyer.
Fear can destroy us all.
Fear loses ground
before kindness and consideration.

 God, give us hearts of flesh
to replace our hearts of stone
so that we will not be destroyed
by our own inner hatreds.


What do I believe?
I believe in you.
I believe that you
are the fulfillment of the universe.
In you all the possibilities
of love, kindness, mercy
are incarnated
and waiting to bubble up.

I believe that you have the potential
for touching other souls
with words of wisdom and gentleness.
I believe that all of us together
can renew the thought layer of earth.
I believe in you-
I believe in all of you
wherever you may be
on mountain tops, in dungeons
in dark moods
or touching heaven.


Theological Cornerstones

     Theologians argue very coldly
for their positions.
Frequently their theorems have nothing to do
with hearts or souls.
Their information does not bring them
closer to their God.

The imprisoned woman
who affirms the loving Jesus
and asks our pardon
for her thoughtless sins
is closer to what is vital to her living.

It's not that begging pardon
affects logic's profoundness
but in their theological seeking to know God
can the wise have missed the cornerstone?


The Children are Watching


Prayer at 9/11

 Let us never do to them
what they have done to us.
Let us not inflict on another
what infects us with trauma.
Forgive us for what we have done
to cause this conflagration.


Flowers in The Garden

What kind of children
are we of the United States
growing in Afghanistan--
children who fear the terror from the sky
and wince from hunger in the belly?

What kind of children
are we growing in the United States--
children who watch on TV
a rain of collateral damage
push it into their sub-conscious
deny the reality of pain and death
children who are led to believe
that bombing other countries
will keep them safe?


Responses to 9/11

There was a choice made evident
at the Twin Towers Disaster
of two quite different paths to take
to stop future terrorism.
Both paths are insufficient.
Our world will never be
a place of perfect peace.
The best course we can take
is the one of least destruction.
Our leaders chose the path of most destruction.

The first choice was the way
of power and punishment.
The world was told
"What they have done to us
we will do to them twice over."
Then fear infected us and blinded us.
Whatever power we had, we used in swift retaliation
which made our children and our soldiers
liable to becoming terrorists.

The second choice would have involved
the world in less destruction.
This choice searches for root causes
mediates just solutions for enemies
debriefs the traumatized, forgives the guilty.
Taking this path, there would have been little need
for war or bombs or landmines or suspicions
or stereotyping or confining other people.



Navigators' Manual

The Wind

 Sailor, raise your face to the wind!
Be caressed by the wind!
Be stroked by the sinuous wind
as it careens from the holy mountain!

No one has seen it
but we feel its cool fingers
like wings 'of a white dove fanning us
in the heat of our doldrums.

Drink the wind, the pure wind!
Gulp it deep into your lungs!

Here we are like ants
crawling impersonally across one another
on our giant ant hill
but when we are touched by the wind
we are all a little different.
a little more able.

 We become brothers
because the same wind
blows upon us.
We can lift up our eyes high enough
to see each other's eyes.



Have you thought
how big a wave
we waves could make
if all of us
climbed on each other's backs?
We'd make a wave
to knock a mountain down!
We could absorb the rocks
instead of them absorbing us!

But do we join our force
to change our fate
to change our world?

No! Watch us push and shove!
Where hides concern
that might unite
and where is love?



B) Poems by Luther Sanders


Hard to Swallow

I was in the Spirit and my friend Martin came unto me.
He said, "Luther, it was fate that your bed was made so hard.
But thank God Almighty,
you refused to lay in such an uncomfortable position.
You became stiff-lipped, tightjawed, eagle-eyed, and sincere ...
Yes, Luther, you did drink from the bitter sup of life
and every sip was like pride-
Hard to Swallow!"

I Love My Enemy
(I Love My Inner Me)

This poem is dedicated to racists and bigots.
They, too, need love.

I know it's wrong to hate,
because while I hated you,
I lost my sanity.

I know it's wrong to hate, because while I hated you,
I stayed confused and hostile.

I know it's wrong to hate,
because while I hated you,
I was destroying my inner me,
and I was rotten to the core.

I know it's wrong to hate,
because hate in itself is self-defeating.
It dissipates one's vital forces.

I know it's wrong to hate,
because Jesus said it,
Gandhi said it,
and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. said it,
and I know that
they were the spirits of truth
for out of them
came virtues that heal nations of people.

The City of Forgiveness

It was shortly after the cock crowed twice
that I lay in the twilight zone,
not asleep, yet not fully awake,
when my friend Martin appeared unto me.

He asked a few casual questions, like,
"Was I keeping the faith?
Was I fighting a good fight?"
and "Was I finishing my courses?"

Then Martin said,
"There is a place called Heaven,
the City of Forgiveness.
In that City, joy is uncontrollable,
but to gain entrance, one must be merciful."
Then he paused for a moment
(as if to give his words a chance to sink in).
Then Martin asked me, was I merciful.

Shock waves of ambivalent thoughts went through my mind.
I thought to myself, "How can I answer his question
without appearing too vain or too modest?"
Then I said to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.,
"Please permit me to express my heartfelt, soul-sincere desire,
which is that every man, woman, and child in America
may get to know your spirit as I have,
for truly, Dr. King, your spirit is, the spirit of truth."

"It was you, Dr. King, who taught me how to love
and not demand love in return.
It was you, Dr. King, who taught me
that it is not important what others think about me,
but what I think about them.
It was you, Dr. King, who taught me how to strip myself
of all the self-defeating hostilities that I had within me,
and, because of you, Dr. King,
America is not yet what She is going to be,
but we thank God Almighty, She ain't what she used to be!"

A Friend

A friend is one who is concerned about all of life.

He considers the less fortunate, the poor and the needy.

A friend is one who believes that action speaks louder than words.
He has an inexhaustible amount of vitality. He is dependable.

A friend is one who is gentle with himself.

He is kind to others.
He exercises self-control and good temperament.

A friend is one who is eager to uplift, ready to encourage.
He is never a put-down.

A friend is one who has a positive mental attitude.
He is ever growing, continuously learning.
He knows that "A mind is a terrible thing to waste."

A friend is one who seeks diligently to develop
the Christ consciousness.
He practices the presence of God.
He always salutes the divinity in others.

No Man Is An Island

I never knew the value of love until I was without it ...

It all happened when I reached perfection.
I saw all the petty things that people do.
Nothing escaped my all-seeing eyes.
No man was without sin, only I.
I offered advice freely. My name changed
from "Mr. Nice Guy" to "Mr. Know-it-all."
Soon I had no friends. No one loved me
and I loved no one. I was without love.

Now I know what St. Paul meant when he said,
"Though I speak with tongue of men and angels
and if I have not love,
I become as sounding brass and tinkling cymbal.
And though I have the gift of prophecy
and understand all mysteries and all knowledge
and though I bestow all my goods to feed the poor
and though I give my body to be burned
and if I have not love, I am nothing."

The world stopped and I got back on.

I became single-eyed, seeing only the good that people do.
I stopped measuring them by my own yardstick.
Then I thought to myself how good it was
to have both feet back on Earth.
Then, again, like all men, I too was tempted
and I was glad to know that I was not above reproach.

Luther's Comments:

In self-discovery, the individual sometimes forgets it is his own personal quest for truth and that he should refrain from becoming judgmental, measuring others by his level of consciousness. Again, I recognize the words of Solomon, "I gave my heart to know wisdom and to know madness and folly: I perceived that this is also vexation of Spirit. He that increaseth in knowledge increaseth also in sorrow" (Eccl. 1:17,18). I was not deterred; my eyes were "on the prize."

The Road to the Kingdom is the road least traveled. Therefore, at times, it becomes very lonely. I learned that removing the lid from the repressor and taking a tour of the subconscious mind can be hell. Therefore, I suggest that if the traveler is not sincere, he should detour, for on this road, you will know wisdom. Sometimes you will become too wise for your own good, i.e., an "ego trip." You will know madness, so much that you may say, "Stop the world, I want to get off!" Many get off- but few ever get back on. You will know folly, a visit to the City of Sodom and Gomorrah (lust and desire, the libido). But he that overcometh is likened unto "a woman when she is in travail, she has great sorrow because her hour is come- but as soon as she is delivered of the child, she remembers no more the anguish, for joy that a man is born into the world" (John 16:21). Here I used quotes from St. Paul's letter to the church of the Corinthians (I Corinthians 13:4,7,8).]

The Perfectionist

Please tell me, Sir or Madam,
whoever you are ...
Why are you so driven?
Is your work eye
service with no reward
except self-praise,
or is your work
the labor of regenerating love?

I am the perfectionist,
glorifying God within my own body.
I know that God is love
and that love increases with use.
Therefore, Love is within me,
quietly directing the course of my life.

I strive for beauty and moral excellence.
Yet I stay in touch with reality.
For all that I do, I do at my own expense,
and I have no regrets.


It was way past midnight when I awoke from sound sleep.

As I lay there pondering my awakeness,
I heard a voice calling my name.
It came from the direction of my living room.

I lay still for a few minutes.
I wasn't sure what my ears had heard.
Then I was called again.
This time it was much louder.

Surprisingly, my wife, a light sleeper, was not disturbed.
I fastened my robe around my waist,
slid my feet into my slippers
and made haste to the living room.

Upon my arrival, I saw a man.
He had his back turned toward me.
And, when he turned around, I recognized him;
but, I knew him not.
He said his name was "Reality."

I asked him to have a seat
and as I sat face-to-face with Reality,
he asked me this question:

"Do you know Arrogant?"
I felt a shudder in my soul. I almost shouted
I regained control of myself and answered the question.

I said "I know Arrogant, alright!
I met him about five years
after I became a born again Christian."
I got tired of turning the other cheek.
Tired of being abused and intimidated.
That's when I started to pal around with Arrogant.

It wasn't long before we became the best of friends.
Why, Arrogant took away all of my inferiorities
and handed me an inflated ego second-to-none.
We could still be friends today, but I found out
what Arrogant was doing to me.

Arrogant pulled the wool right over my eyes.
He was poisoning my whole system
with vainglory, self love and pride.
Had it not been for Sincerity,
I would have been lost in the Land of Nod,
the State of Confusion